th-19933968233-396x612Although Rebecca O’Connor-Smith is somewhat content, she secretly longs for a more fascinating life. Her dead-end office job bores her, and her husband, Jason, while sweet, is more interested in settling down in suburban Toronto than going on adventures with her. So, when an opportunity to be a part of an archaeological dig in southern Israel arises, she takes it. Despite the current hostilities of the country, Rebecca is passionate about the culture, history, language, and even music of Israel. Getting the chance to use her skills and knowledge obtained from her archaeology major in a place she loves is a dream come true.

Spending three weeks digging in the treasure trove of the Israeli desert makes her feel fulfilled like never before. However, the dig inspires her to further her archaeological degree despite the financial toll it will have on her marriage. Moreover, Rebecca finds herself attracted to another volunteer who intellectually challenges her in ways her husband never did.

Torn between a secure, comfortable life with a man she loves and a challenging, exciting academic career with no guarantees about her future, Rebecca must choose what kind of life she wants to live for herself.


“Finding Myself prods the reader to ask that most fundamental of questions, what is it that makes me happy? This inspiring story was a heart warming novel by debut author Olga Sushinsky.”

— MJ Javani, Author of The Buraq Project 

“I just want to read and reread this book again and again. It was such a deep book but written in a way you just wanted to keep reading till the end. You could see yourself in the characters and you really could feel what they are going through.”

— Amanda Yates, Margaritas and Camouflage Book Blog