th-19933968233-396x612Praise for Finding Myself

“Finding Myself prods the reader to ask that most fundamental of questions, what is it that makes me happy? This inspiring story was a heart warming novel by debut author Olga Sushinsky.” MJ Javani, Author of The Buraq Project 

“I just want to read and reread this book again and again. It was such a deep book but written in a way you just wanted to keep reading till the end. You could see yourself in the characters and you really could feel what they are going through.” Margaritas and Camouflage Book Blog

“Sushinsky not only captured the complexity, but the beauty of Israel as well.” Rebecca, Goodreads reviewer

“…a good tale of self-discovery…you can clearly see the passion that the author put into writing this.” Julie Angela Yu, NetGalley Reviewer


Now available in hardcover, trade softcover, and ebook.